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How can I invest in comic art

using the Comic Art Trends Price Guide?


Please consult a professional or do your own due diligence before making any financial decisions.

That said, I created the Comic Art Trends Price Guide as a result of my own interest in making buying decisions. I wanted to better understand what a proper market price for a piece of original comic art might be. So while neither I nor the Comic Art Trends Price Guide can give you any investmest advice, I hope the information in my price guide will be a solid tool that you can use along with your own study of the original art market.

Here are some prudent pieces of wisdom that have stood the test of time.

1. Neither a borrower nor a lender be. I guess Shakespeare popularized that statement. If you have to borrow money or buy art using a credit card that isn't paid off each month, your risk and likelihood of a negative rate of return are dramatically increased. So, it is best to make sure you can afford the art before buying it.

The Comic Art Trends Price Guide shows many examples of CGR (compounded growth rate) that are negative. That is, a particular page of art sold a second time for less than its previous price. Most the time, the reduced price came when the art was sold a relatively short time after the first sale. Owing money on a piece of art might pressure the art-holder to sell sooner than planned.

2. Diversify. Solomon said to 'Divide your portion to seven, or even to eight, for you do not know what misfortune may occur on the earth.' Ecclesiastes 11:12. So you may not want to take your entire 401K and drop it on a purchase of a Frank Miller page from The Dark Knight Returns. Having all your money in the stock market could be equally bad.

The Comic Art Trends Price Guide shows many pages of art by many of the most respected artists in a wide range of prices. When sensibly done, there is nothing wrong with putting a small portion of your nest egg in high quality original art, just like you may want to buy a chunk of gold. Keep in mind, art and gold have the same fatal flaw, they are only worth what someone is willing to pay or offer in service for that object.

3. Buy Low, Sell High. How do I know if something is going up or down? The art market, like the stock market, tends to act as a group. Generally, when art is in demand it is good for all different kinds of comic art. Just as the best time to buy a stock is during a Bull market because the market as a whole is going up, even the best stocks typically go down when the market as a whole goes down. For great information on the stock market, I wholeheartedly support Investors Business Daily. To my knowledge the type of data they collect for stocks, does not exist for original comic art.

The Comic Art Trends Price Guide has a goal of attempting to capture trending market data. The 2019 edition is just a first baby step. The first edition has value but is limited by the number of artists and the number of sources that have gone into this initial volume of the price guide. Over time, it will incorporate more sources and broaden its scope. Your partnership will help to achieve the goal of capturing valid market data. That is the only way to truly understand if the market for original comic art is going up or down.

By the way, many factors can affect the art market. Individual sales may even create a false illusion regarding the actual strength or weakness of the comic art market at any given time. When the cover of Green Lantern 76 by Neal Adams sold for over $400K in 2015, it would have been a mistake to assume every cover by Adams would now command a few hundred thousand dollars.

The Comic Art Trends Price Guide provides summary information such as graphs of mean (or averages) data. Usually, the graph also includes 3 Year Moving Average data. These graphical views of the summary data are intended to reduce the impact of a single sale or even a single year's sales. The trends in the graph of the Means and 3 Year Moving Averages should be considered an indication of what is going on, but NOT a projection of what will happen.

An example graph is given on the home page for Jim Aparo art.

By the way, Buy Low often turns into Sell Lower or watch the investment disappear completely. It is best to Buy Good, WAIT, and Sell Better.

Obviously, I've only scratched the surface. Check back.

Let me know if you have comments, questions, or concerns. Please consider advertising in the Comic Art Trends Price Guide. Your partnership will help me make this a worthwhile publication useful for the entire industry.


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