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The CAT Scale grading system is open for debate.

This version of my grading system is the third, and I believe the best. I recognize there is always room for improvement as well as differences in opinions. Feel free to share with me your opinions and expertise in the area of original published comic book art. You probably have experiences and insights that I don't have that deserve to be incorporated into next's year edition of the Comic Art Trends Price Guide.

Since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, expecially when it comes to art, I think there are many subjective aspects to my opinion AND your opinion on how to grade the art we all love. Some areas where I especially want your opinion are:

GRADE A HEROES: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Spider-Man. Is that really all of them? Are the X-Men really the ONLY Grade A Team. That's what I claim based on my perception and data observations.

What comic books should be classified as Icons and Landmarks? I have a frame of reference that goes back to the sixties comics I read as a kid. If you go back further, you may value older titles higher than me. If your experience is more recent, you may feel strongly in a character introduced within the last five years. Let' talk about it.

Who ARE the legends of comic book art. Defining the BEST of the BEST impacts how the works of those artists are graded. I believe the numbers back up my conclusions, nonetheless, preference is SUBJECTIVE! Who do you think are the best artists. Who is missing that MUST be added to the 2020 edition or you will boycott the guide?

WOULD YOU LIKE YOUR SALES DATA INCLUDED IN THE CAT PRICE GUIDE? Contact me if you want to be a source of market data or a resident expert.


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