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GoCollect Articles

by Patrick Bain

Here is the complete list of my April 2021 GoCollect articles.

BLOGGER DOME: MISTER FANTASTIC VERSUS PLASTIC MAN AND ELONGATED MAN Blogger-Dome-Elongated-Plastic-Fantastic-Blog-240x300 Blogger Dome: Mister Fantastic versus Plastic Man AND Elongated Man
KULL THE DESTROYER: REACHING FOR A BARBARIAN? Kull-300x157 Kull the Destroyer: Reaching for a Barbarian?
BOUND COMICS MARKET UPDATE: PRICES TREND TO FN 6.0 Bound-1-300x157 Bound Comics Market Update: Prices Trend to FN 6.0
7 DEADLY ENEMIES OF MAN: HOARDING RESPONSIBLY 7-Enemies-1-300x157 7 Deadly Enemies of Man: Hoarding Responsibly
A GOLDEN AGE HERO’S JOURNEY: FROM 1 TO 1000! Journey-300x157 A Golden Age Hero's Journey: From 1 to 1000!
ORIGINAL COMIC ART NFT: MAKING DIGITAL ART COLLECTABLE NFT-300x157 Original Comic Art NFT: Making Digital Art Collectable
COMICS AND NFTS – SPECULATION ON NON FUNGIBLE TOKENS NFTs-1-300x157 Comics and NFTs - Speculation on Non Fungible Tokens
POWER RECORDS COMICS: SUPERHEROES, SCIFI, AND MORE Power-REcords-Comics-300x157 Power Records Comics: Superheroes, SciFi, and More

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