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The Comic Art Trends Price Guide 2019 Legends edition is available for download NOW! Only $2.99 for a legal and registered copy of my price guide. Your support encourages me to continue this worthwhile effort. Upon purchase, I will send you a link that will allow you to download the Adobe PDF as often as you like. Please understand that you may load on as many devices as you like, as long as they are for the personal use of you and your household! Go to the Paypal portal at the bottome of this page to buy now!

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Do you own original comic book art? Have you wondered how to determine a good price for original comic book art? Do you love comic books and just want to know more about how they are created?

The Comic Art Trends Price Guide is designed to help people in any and all of those categories. In fact, it is intended to be helpful to even those that have only a casual interest in learning about original comic art, each a one of a kind collector item. The Comic Art Trends Price Guide is an easy to use reference book to find sales information on some of the most spectacular art to grace the comic book industry. The guide is organized by artists, where each of over thirty legends has his/her own section featuring sales data by title, images from their most significant works, and summary statistics with trend lines to gauge the market going forward.

The CAT Price Guide will be entertaining to the comic art geek and relevant to the comic art investor. I believe the information in the Comic Art Trends Price Guide will empower many more people to enter the market for original published comic book art.

Part 1 of the Comic Art Trends Price Guide 2019 was introduced to Phoenix Fan Fusion convention-goers in May. Since May I have been working industriously to clean up the first edition and prepare the full edition for publication. Graphs have been harmonized, typos have been corrected, and first time mistakes have been eradicated. Shortly, I will make the Part 1 edition available for download (limited time only). Update: first 100 pages of the update are available, download above!

Part 1 artists include Neal Adams, John Byrne, and John Buscema as well as others. For each featured artist, I have added mid-year reports and captured 2019 Heritage Auctions sales data through June. The sales data and market report is incorporated directly into their artist sections. Note that summary statistics and graphs will not be updated for partial 2019 data. That data will be captured in statistics for the 2020 edition.

The Mid-Year 2019 Full Edition features over 30 legendary and awesome artists. Artists like Jack Kirby, John Romita, Sr., and Frank Miller are all in the full edition. Data has been collected through the end of June for the Mid-year reports and its time to find advertisers and start my crowd-funding campaign.

Here is a taste of the information contained in the 2019 volume of the Comic Art Trends Price Guide:

Comic Art Trends Price GuideComic Art Trends Price Guide

Download the draft of the Neal Adams chapter for a good representation of the type of information contained in the Comic Art Trends Price Guide! Adams is only one of over thirty industry leading artists in the original art price guide.

The Comic Art Trends Price Guide is all about original, published, comic book art. Naturally, it has to have pictures of some of the most fantastic comic art ever produced. Thanks to Heritage Auctions for permission to use their images!

Each picture includes basic information such as the name(s) of the artist(s) and a description of the page. I also include info such as price and date sold. Of big value to the reader, I indicate the CAT score for each page. That is the primary means that the reader can learn how to differentiate artwork using the CAT Scale.

For a moment let me not be subtle; the Comic Art Trends Price Guide offers an objective means to grade original comic book art with an emphasis on published art. I assert that the CAT scale is a valid means to compare two pages of comic art. If an artist you are interested in is not covered in the Comic Art Trends Price Guide yet, then use the same strategies described in my book to compare the artwork you are interested in.

First Edition on Sale July 2019 (Limited Phoenix Fan Fusion Edition on sale now if you're lucky enough to get one)

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Hey do you like prizes? Identify the artist and comic book for the partially revealed background. First person with the correct answer gets a small prize and a big feeling of superiority! Send your guesses directly to me. Find my email address on the Contact Us page.

Hint: The image is also on another page on this site.

Big thanks to Phillip and Fredericksburg Books for jumping in to support the Comic Art Trends Price Guide!

The Comic Art Trends Price Guide is HERE!!!

The Legends edition of the Comic Art Trends Price Guide featuring icons like Neal Adams, John Byrne, Gene Colan, Frank Miller, John Romita, Sr., and Curt Swan is ready for download. Don't worry Marvel Fans, Jack Kirby is also there, one of over 30 total featured pencil artists, along with another five legends of ink. The black ad white paperback version will soon be ready at outlets like Amazon and this website, but I'm excited to make the full color electronic version available for your personal download.

The electronic version is only $2.99. Cheap enough for any wallet. I priced it so low because I want people to respect my creator rights by not illegally sharing or obtaining this document unless registered by paying the small fee. Everyone who registers will also get the bonus of a $3.00 coupon off the price of the Comic Art Trends Price Guide physical version when purchased through my site. In fact, the 2020 version will be coming out in Mid Spring 2020. Buyers of the 2019 electronic version will also get a $3.00 coupon to use on the 2020 physical version. Depending on how well people respond to the electronic 2019 version, I will determine whether or not the 2020 version will be sold electronically.

Enough brow beating... everyone who purchases the electronic version of the Comic Art Trends 2019 Price Guide will be able to load it on as many of their own personal devices as they like. Buyers will get a personal email thank you with a permanent download link to make downloads easier to other devices. Buyers can opt in or out for follow up emails related to content. And...buyers can send me details of up to five pages of art they personally own to be assigned a CAT score!

Enough already, please buy the Comic Art Trends Price Guide 2019 Legends edition!!!

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I'm adding graphs and summary info to the Jim Aparo chapter of the Comic Art Trends Price Guide 2019. Here is a graph that depicts the average sale price for Aparo pages by year of sale. A 3 Year Moving Average is superimposed over the graph as an aid to viewing the trend of the mean sales price. Moving averages are lagging indicators of the trend. They are not predictive in nature, but they help to balance out the one-time swings caused by outlier sales either on the high or low side.

Here's a reminder of the Summary by Year Sold graph that is typically available for each artist. I also graph by year published and by CAT score. Each of these types of graphs serve a different purpose. The "Summary by year sold" shows the trend in time and also reflects the impact of inflation. The "Summary by year published" helps to identify the particular periods of greatest demand based on price sold. The "Summary by CAT score" illustrates the impact of CAT grade on influencing price.

Stated plainly, each artist chapter in the Comic Art Trends Price Guide includes three forms of graphical information when data permits::

Comic Art Trends Price Guide Jim Aparo graph

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Who ever said "Don't judge a book by its cover...", obviously did not collect comic books! Comic book covers make all the difference in the world. That's why I want to shoot for the stars in selecting a cover artist for the 1st inaugural edition of the Comic Art Trends Price Guide.

I want a cover that says, "We're here to stay!"

Please check out my crowdfunding campaign for some special incentives to help me in my quest for cover awesomeness for my guide.

More details to follow soon.

Presenting... The Comic Art Trends Price Guide Appearing at Phoenix Fan Fusion

Memorial Weekend May 2019

During the 2019 Phoenix Fan Fusion event, I shared my grading scale as well as a trivia game related to origianl comic art.

The audience was "select" to say the least, but you can get a copy of the slides I presented by clicking on the image below. I eagerly await your feedback on my presentation and ideas related to grading original comic book art.

Phoenix Fan Fusion

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